FLIPS demo at ETSI MEC Congress in Munich

After the success of the RIFE demonstrations at MWC in Barcelona, it is time for the second ETSI Proof-of-Concept (PoC) demo in our series of three (the last one will be our BIO trial in October) as part of the ETSI MEC Congress in Munich from September 20th to 22nd.

Together with the POINT project, the demonstration here at the MEC Congress shows an improved MWC demo within the PoC zone of the event (see picture below).


The improvements to the MWC Barcelona demonstration mainly concern the integration between the efforts in the POINT projects with the innovations coming from RIFE, as developed by InterDigital Europe. Specifically, in addition to showcasing the HTTP multicast capabilities of the HTTP-over-ICN solution in POINT, the demonstration also automatically changes the video playout point to a local, i.e., closer, server during the ongoing demo. In other words, the demonstration now shows the two aspects within an integrated platform as the second public demonstration of the POINT and RIFE integration efforts at InterDigital (the first such demonstration was given at the 5G London event).

This event differs from the much larger MWC trade show in terms of audience in that folks here are more interested in the underlying technology and the specific relation to the Mobile Edge Computing efforts of the ETSI standard group. Additionally, with the event happening in Munich (during the world famous Octoberfest), the first day started off with a traditional Bavarian breakfast that featured sausages, brezels, and beer.